What is this place?

Welcome to my new blog. If you have found your way here then you are likely interested in Microsoft Azure and hopefully once I get some articles up you will find something useful here.

I have often relied on other people’s blogs over the years that provide helpful explanations and “how to” guides over the years to help with my learning. As Azure is a cloud platform it is by its very nature constantly evolving and with that it’s essential to keep your knowledge up to date and to constantly be learning yourself.

In addition, there are new services being added to the platform all the time to learn about and often the initial documentation from Microsoft is quite limited or not focused or real world examples.

The purpose of this blog is to document procedures, talk about new services and features and also post about any other useful pieces of information that I find interesting. This is something I expect to use as a reference guide for myself as something of a personal knowledgebase but I thought perhaps these posts might be of interest to others in the community also and so this blog was born.

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