Azure Advent Calendar 2019 – Azure Web Apps

So rather than another blog post, this will be my first ever vlog post! I am proud to be one of 75 Azure community contributors to a series of training videos collectively known as Azure Advent Calendar. Throughout the month of December there will be three new videos posted each and every day right up to Christmas Day.

Please check out the website and YouTube videos here and indulge in a wide variety of free Azure learning from some very talented individuals who have each given up their time to participate in this event.

Special thanks must go to Gregor Suttie and Richard Hooper for organising this event and for putting so much of their free time into it. At the time of writing there have already been some excellent videos posted and the guys can feel very proud of what they have organised.

My personal contribution is a video all about Azure Web Apps also known as Azure App Services. This is a service that I have been doing a lot of work on recently with a customer of mine so I have gotten to know the service particularly well now.

Recording this video was a new learning experience for me. I don’t have any high quality recording equipment so background noise was a bit of an issue. Video editing was also a new one for me. I got my self a copy of Camtasia which seems to be the tool of choice for most of my peers and I got to work.

Of course, I didn’t bother to read any manuals or anything first and just jumped straight in to recording and editing a few test videos. I found the software fairly intuitive and was able to figure out how to do most things quite easily and with pretty good results for a noob! Thankfully most of the video was recorded in continuous segments as I found re-recording certain parts led to some continuity issues with editing and some inconsistencies with the sound quality. These are all things that I learned as part of the process and will make me better prepared for next time. If I decide to do more regular videos then I will also invest in better quality recording equipment and make a better effort to soundproof my “studio”, i.e. the dining room!

Overall I found the experience very fulfilling and I’m proud to have been a part of this global event. If you would like to see my video about Azure Web Apps then please click on the video below.

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